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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Great Moments In Yacht Rock: 1974

I was, er, tempted to mention Paul Carrack’s singing, but I decided to take my Chevy van for a spin instead. You know, the one with the: Ass, Gas, or Grass — Nobody Rides For Free front license plate.

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  1. Hi Arthur- Dude was in Roxy Music and Squeeze. My kinda guy.

    Hi Rob- I do believe you're right. I'll fix it.

  2. Note Chuck Norris on upper-left bk voc at 1:23.

    Y'know how Chuck Norris does vibrato? He stays dead nuts on pitch, while cyclically altering the rate at which time passes.

  3. I don't think any of these guys ever threw a TV out a hotel window.

    Heck, even I did that (it was the first floor, and it was my TV, but still…). Just sayin'…

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