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My new favorite band: The Legion of Rock Stars

I cannot explain it better than they do on their website, and they can’t explain it much, either:

Beyond Music.

LEGION OF ROCK STARS has freed themselves from the shackles of practicing, instead perfecting a performance technique known as the Pure Pleasure Process.

Pure Pleasure.

While listening to songs on headphones equipped with 30dB sound blockers to blot out the outside world, the band plays and sing their hearts out, all while unable to hear themselves.

The thing that the general public thinks Lady Gaga is, the LRS actually is. A subversive, amusing gag, a skewer of the existing leftover decroded culture whipped into a new, somewhat amusing recipe. The joke will get old pretty fast, and that just adds to the piquancy. Lady Gaga’s demented-Mary Kay-consultant-without-portfolio act is about as rebellious, provocative, and interesting as the TV in a nursing home rec room.

I always applaud young people casting around in the flotsam and jetsam of pop culture, trying to make something interesting out of it. I’d cross the street to avoid hearing “Mr. Blue Sky.” I’d cross the street to hear The Legion of Rock Stars play it.

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  1. Mr. Blue Sky is a fine song. If you want to hear this music then you need to listen to "Meet the Residents". They don't need to do covers to make similar songs.

  2. Hi Jim- The bandmembers put on noise cancelling headphones so they can't hear themselves or the other members clearly, so the result is about the same as if they were almost deaf.

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