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Bright Red Chords

Today’s earworm: Loomis and the Lust. Their bio page says they’re influenced by, among other people, Johnny Cash. ***snicker***

I think not. Anyway, they wisely steered away from dull, black chords. I don’t know how far you can get in the music business anymore while appearing to enjoy yourself, but it always worked for me. Brighten up your snout-house cul-de-sac with Bright Red Chords.

5 Responses

  1. That was – dare I say it – fun.

    Nice find, I hope these lads do well.

    Man do I sound like an old guy or what?

  2. I loved it too — I loved their outfits — at first, I thought are they wearing red "cords" as in corduroy, but then I was like — no, too corny.

    Oh, and I liked the song and as you noted the good time they had while performing it —

    bobbing heads, high fives, etal.

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