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Misinformation Followed Us Like A Plague

Time for New Year’s Retrospectives, I see. I’m fresh out of top tens. Too much like work. I’ll ramble instead. If there was no Internets, I’d have to stand on the overpass and yell at cars.

Is Sippican Cottage the most malformed inchoate collection of essays and assorted dross on the Intertunnel? It just might be. I make no apologies. There’s no one to apologize to but myself, anyway, I guess.

I’m grateful for the people that come here and read and comment and what have you. I’ve made very many friends that I’ve never, or rarely, met. I’d mention a bunch of them, but they are so numerous I’m afraid I’d forget just as many and so my shout out would be a disappointment. I’m pretty terrible about reciprocating links and answering all my email, too. I try to pay attention, but I’ve got so many faults that San Andreas is my patron saint.

I’ve had a difficult year. Let’s leave it at that. I don’t write about it much. Thanks to everyone that bought furniture and banged on the Amazon links and sent me emails and just plain showed up.

One of my Interwebby correspondents is Casey Klahn. He’s a marvelous artist, and has a good and decent demeanor on the Interchunnel, which is fairly rare. I like to read his website because it’s an entry into a world I don’t inhabit. Faraway lands, fragrant with the spices of Araby…

No, that’s not right. Linseed oil, maybe.

Anyhow, Casey’s not nearly as lazy as I am, and he’s chosen his Top Ten Artist Blog Posts of the year. He’s confused the purple bruises on my thumbs for Phthalo Blue pigment, and lumped me in with people who appear to have some sort of discernible talent. He’s even given me a medal, which I will wear proudly with my speedo, cowboy boots, and of course, a fez.

I suggest you go over there and read the other nine, like I did.

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  1. It is a sign of your humility that you don't rail about craftsmen and artists, artisans and whatnot. The more I go along, the more art I see in writing – which you do so well, too.

    Anyway, if this award keeps you off the interstate overpasses for another year, I am happy for that. It's been no fun, anyway, since they put up those chain link barriers.

    Happy new year and take care!

  2. Sipp,

    "My Father Asks for Nothing" was my introduction to Sippican Cottage through a MilBlog site, which I believe was Neptunus Lex.
    Thank you for all the great words, photos and videos.

    Phil in Va Beach

  3. Stop shorting yourself, you are a talented artisan and an exceptional writer of beautiful words. It isn't seemly for a man of your attributes to po' face well deserved praise that's been honestly earned.

    I know this too be true, because your words stay in my heart and your craftsmanship lives in my house.

    Happy New Year, Sippican. May the coming days find you well and prosperous.

  4. I am sorry to hear of your difficulties in 2009. Good news is, it's just about over.

    Here's to a better 2010, and carry on – as a fellow woodworker, it is a gift, and affliction, and an addiction.

  5. I also came here from a Milblog sigt, John Donovan's Castle Arrghh. Great story about your Dad, and while I plowed throgh your archives, I think the "Better than…" about the Irish dart players and the nails was one of the better stories/observations on the Web.

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