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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Pure. Unadulterated. Win.

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  1. Artemus Gordon. Miguelito Lovelace. King Tut. My first 8×10 glossy was of Ross Martin. That whole show had a vaguely Star Trek feel to it…a Star Trek western.

  2. Hi Ruthe Anne- That show had a lot of appeal to both young girls and boys.

    It’s most people’s first contemporary Steampunk reference.

    Part of the Star Trek feel is that the exact same broads were standing around in both of them. I swear there were only two dozen actors in TV in the sixties. You’d watch the Beverly Hillbillies and see Sharon Tate in it. I remember Clint Eastwood on Mr. Ed, too.

  3. I remember watching WWW when it was new, what? Late ’60’s? early ’70’s?

    Friday nights, if I remember correctly, about 8:00?

    Loads of fun, but I always thought more of an 1870’s James Bond than Star Trek.

  4. Oh, I thought Jim and Artie definitely had a Kirk-and-McCoy chemistry, at least if Bones had been younger and more whimsical.

  5. Actually I wish Bones had gotten drunk more often and crooned more about the Old South in his quarters, maybe watch Birth of a Nation on his tricorder…maybe a still to make Rigelian Ale in Sick Bay…in other words, scare the crap outta the rest of the crew.

    Is Peter Dinklage our generations Michael Dunn? If they do a WWW movie, he’s a lock for the role…

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