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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

The Second Greatest Adventure Movie Ever

Steven Spielberg keeps trying to make this movie, over and over, but he’s no John Huston; and using George Lucas as your writer instead of Rudyard Kipling is starting in a very deep hole indeed.

Alexander Who?

7 Responses

  1. Along with zulu this is compulsory viewing for a Brit of a certain age…come to think of it,all ages.

  2. Ok, I’m here again.

    Sorry, but I’ll have to go public on my antique spinning wheel obsession since I couldn’t get the ‘contact’ link to work on your official website.

    Do you have any experience replicating bobbins from old spinning wheels? The one I bought from Holland recently on eBay (I always get myself a Christmas present) said it came with one original bobbin and two bobbins that fit the wheel. They do, indeed, fit the wheel–they just don’t work. You can spin all day and never get your yarn to wind onto the bobbin. It’s a whorl thing, and too detailed to go into here. But if you have any knowledge or experience with these things, can I send you the original bobbin and have two more made just like it?

    ps–that’s me in the anonymous comment just before this one.

  3. Hi Patsy- Thanks as always for reading and commenting.

    I’m afraid I’m not able to help you with your bobbin problem. I do not turn anything on a lathe, which is the method for making your bobbin. I know how, but I don’t own one.

    You should look for a chairmaker in your area, especially if they make Windsor chairs. They actually call some of the shapes on Windsor legs and stretchers “bobbin” shaped. They can make very accurate copies of wood shapes by using calipers to exactly measure diameters. It wouldn’t take all that long to make a couple of bobbins.

  4. I am afraid I beg to differ sir. The best Adventure movie ever is of course King Kong. Romance, adventure, natives getting restless, special effects and a denouncement in New York City are as good as it gets. Most adventure movies are copies of this seminal work. Also I would propose Gunga Din as a great adventure movie which must be placed before the Man who Would be Kings. Just sayn’

  5. But Trooper York… I thought King King was a “Boy and His Dog” story, not an adventure tale. Shows what I know.

    But then again I’m one of the benighted few that liked “Mighty Joe Young” better than KK, so there’s no accounting for my taste.

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