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Old School Part Deux

Well, the fantastic folks over at have another installment in the “Old School” saga up for your amusement, penned by your humble narrator. Here’s a bite:

Wow, I’ve noticed things seem to be getting better all the time. But wait — I’ve noticed that there’s been a lot of ink spilled and eyeballs irradiated lately, all over these here internets as our president calls them, about a slowing in the pace of discovery. That was my impression of the general vibe; I wonder if it’s true? Let’s consult the foremost authority on everything, besides me: Google.

Searching for “speedup in the pace of discovery” yields about 33,000 hits. That’s a lot, maybe things aren’t going somewhere bad in a hand-basket.

Searching for “slowdown in the pace of discovery” yields 291,000 hits. Wow. That’s more hits than a weekender in the off-season with Randy Moss. Things must be pretty bad. We’re all going to be living in a cave soon, forced to play Pong on our Etch-A-Sketches by the fire. Bummer.

New and wonderful things used to show up every few days, it seemed, and now we have to wait more than 18 months for CPU capacity to double. I read a few of the slowdown articles. The sky is falling, they say, we’ve run out of ideas. They complain: take someone like Ozzie and Harriet out of their 1950 TV home, and plunk them down in your 2005 home, and they’d be right at home. But take someone from 1900, and plunk them down in 1950, and they’d be as lost as an IT guy at an Armani store.

So what do you think? Is there a slowdown in the pace of change in the world? Or is your head spinning?

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